Brawlhalla EU Pro Series


The Brawlhalla Pro Series is 3 weeks of alternating crew battles and 2v2 rotations culminating to the Pro Series Final! Teams were created by going down the list of power rankings and allowing each player from the top down the option of gathering a team one at a time. These teams will play one match on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. On Tuesdays, they will fight in crew battles, and on Thursdays, the same matchups occur, but this time in a 2v2 rotation. This will continue for 3 weeks until the day of the Pro Series Final! The top teams from each group will go head to head in a heated best of 3 events. They’ll slug it out in a crew battle followed by a full 2v2 rotation match. If required, the tiebreaker will be a 3v3 best of five match, where all the members of each team have to battle, and the winners take all! If a tiebreaker ensues, it’ll be the first official 3v3 match ever seen, where six of the top players will be fighting it out for victory at the same time! The teams are competing for over $18,000 in prizes!

David Keltch