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We are the premiere production company behind all official Brawlhalla tournaments.
Online and offline.


Baggel Productions was formed by a group of event organizers with deep roots in the Brawlhalla community. Driven by a desire to bring quality of the highest degree to both online and offline events, Baggel Productions brings years of experience to the table. Our members are skilled craftsmen in fields from live event production, photography and graphic design, to tournament organization and administration.

Our love and respect for the communities that surround our favorite video games drives us to approach each event with the intent of creating something unique, and perfect. While we are based in Tennessee, Baggel Productions is an international company with members across the globe. In 2019 we are bringing our services to a number of locations that include the USA, Canada, The Netherlands, and Sweden in addition to many global online tournaments.


Lights, camera, esports!

- production guy


There is so much more to look forward to in the future of Baggel Productions. Make sure to check back for new features, upcoming tournaments and the photography and stream archives from Final Round, Low Tier City, CEO Daytona, Shine, and Dreamhack events.